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Custom Printed Carpet Or Rug


Design bespoke rugs for anywhere in the house from your living room or bedroom to your entrance hall or landing. You can choose whether you want your personalised rug in a portrait or landscape orientation.




Custom Printed Carpets by Smart Art South Africa

At National Mats, we specialize in creating custom printed carpets that bring life and color to any home or office space. Our carpets are not just decor items; they are canvases where your imagination can roam free.

Why Choose Our Custom Carpets?

  • Full-Size Printing: We utilize every inch of the carpet, offering you a vast canvas for your creative expressions. The entire top surface is your playground, ready to be customized with your designs, artwork, messages, or any vision you have in mind.
  • Unleash Your Creativity: With no restrictions on creativity, our carpets are the perfect medium to express your unique style, thoughts, or branding. Whether it’s vibrant artwork, motivational messages, or a personal touch you want to add to your space, we’ve got you covered.
  • Quality and Comfort: Our carpets feature a non-slip backing and a soft foam layer, ensuring comfort underfoot without compromising safety. The design you choose is printed on top, promising both style and substance.
  • Custom Made Just for You: Every order is custom crafted within 10 to 12 working days, highlighting our commitment to providing you with a unique product. We focus on made-to-order items, ensuring that what you get is exclusively yours.
  • Durability and Ease of Maintenance: Designed to be 100% washable, our carpets come in a wide range of vibrant, funky designs—or you can opt to print your own. They are color-fast, easy to clean, and have a smooth finish, making them perfect even for areas with high foot traffic.

Product Highlights

  • Proudly South African: Embrace local craftsmanship with our stylish, South African-made carpets.
  • Stylish Designs & Dye Sublimation: Our dye-sublimated printing process ensures bright, lasting colors that bring your designs to life.
  • Versatile & Durable: Easy to clean and designed for longevity, our carpets are suitable for both homes and offices, including high-traffic areas.

Don’t miss out on owning one of South Africa’s Best Selling Custom Printed Carpet Mats. Elevate your space with a piece that reflects your personality and style.


Unveiling Carpet Printing By National Mats: Transform Your Marketing Strategy

Dive into the realm of custom carpet printing in South Africa, a game-changing approach that elevates your brand’s visibility and marketing efforts. Here’s an insight into this innovative process.

The Journey from Design to Impact: Custom Carpet Printing

Crafting the Vision: The adventure begins with the crafting of a bespoke design that mirrors your brand’s ethos, message, or visual ambition. Whether developed internally or in collaboration with skilled designers, this design step is your chance to infuse your brand’s identity into every fiber of the carpet, aligning seamlessly with your marketing goals.

Digital Transformation: With the design set, digital printing technology takes center stage, accurately transferring your vision onto the carpet. This method ensures each color pops and every detail is captured, transforming ordinary carpets into extraordinary marketing canvases.

Material Matters: The choice of carpet material is pivotal, selecting options that promise durability and maintain the design’s vibrancy in high-traffic scenarios. Premium materials are handpicked, ready to lay the foundation for your marketing messages.

Ink Integrity: The ink plays a vital role, with selections focusing on longevity, vibrancy, and environmental friendliness. These inks bond with the carpet fibers, ensuring that your message not only stands out but stands the test of time.

Why Custom Carpet Printing Elevates Your Brand

Visual Excellence: Instantaneously grab attention and engage audiences with striking designs that traditional mediums can’t match. Custom printed carpets create a vivid brand experience that’s not easily forgotten.

Stand Out:  Custom carpets allow your brand to shine, showcasing its unique character and values in every thread and color. This visual storytelling enhances brand recognition and crafts a distinctive identity.

Adaptable Messaging: Tailor your marketing to suit any event, product launch, or brand initiative. Custom carpets can be strategically deployed across retail spaces, events, and corporate offices to heighten visibility and spark interest.

Cost Efficiency: Offering a more budget-friendly avenue with potent ROI, custom printed carpets outshine costlier advertising routes. Their reusability across campaigns and venues further cements them as a smart marketing investment.

The Versatility of Carpet Printing in NY: Beyond a Marketing Tool

Retail Spaces: Revolutionize shopping experiences with carpets that guide customers, highlight products, and infuse stores with brand essence, turning every step into a journey of discovery.

Events and Trade Shows: Make your booth the highlight of the show with carpets that beckon attendees from afar, creating a memorable footprint that draws crowds and fosters connections.

Hospitality and Entertainment: From luxury hotel lobbies to vibrant restaurant floors, custom carpets can significantly enhance atmospheres, making every visit an extension of your brand story.

Corporate Environments: Elevate office spaces with carpets that reflect corporate identity, motivate teams, and welcome visitors, turning every area into a testament to your brand’s culture and vision.

Custom carpet printing  is not just a marketing strategy; it’s an immersive branding experience that weaves your message into the very fabric of spaces, leaving a lasting impression on all who tread.

Carpet cleaning
  • Use carpet cleaner and be sure to vacuum regularly.
  • Do not rub, or wring or twist.
  • Hang to dry but avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Do not place on wet floors.
  • Wash spills with lukewarm soapy water and a sponge.
  • Do not wash with harsh detergents.
  • Do not bend or store folded
Return and Warranty

We stand behind the quality of our products and guarantee our workmanship. Any defects or errors on our part will result in a replacement at no charge.

Due to all our products are made-to-order so we typically do not accept returns or exchange due to user error such as incorrect selection of sizes, designs, colors, etc.

Advertised images may slightly differ from actual item in terms of color due to the lighting during photo shooting or the monitor’s display.

Hence, please allow the 20% difference between advertised images and the actual item you received.

Shipping Info


Delivery Time = Processing time + Shipping time

We process orders on business days which are Monday through Friday and exclude public holidays .

Processing Time: 5 – 15 business days (in regular seasons) or more depends on holiday seasons.

Shipping Time: We use Courierguy for shipping and all shipping is on standard if overnight delivery is required please sent email to

Delivery fee across is the country is a minimal fee 0f R100

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