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Printed Door Mats: The best business welcome

The title of this post suggests that a printed doormat is the best way to welcome visitors to your business. This may seem like a bold claim, but hear us out.

What qualities would you expect from something that provides the best business welcome? We believe the following points are key.

Printed Doormats Promote Your Business

A printed doormat can display any logo, image, or message. This could simply be your company logo, or you could get more creative. You can feature special offers, finance deals, contact details, or any attention-grabbing messages. Some even choose to print slogans and mottos on their doormats.

A Warm Greeting for Visitors

While promotional messages are important, a true welcome message sets the tone for visitors. Schools and educational institutions often use floormats with inspiring messages, while businesses may opt for calming and welcoming wording. You know best how to greet your visitors, so consider using the same welcoming language found on your website or promotional materials on your doormat as well.

Cleanliness is Key with Printed Doormats

Beyond their promotional value, the primary purpose of doormats is to keep floors clean and dirt-free. A clean entrance is far more welcoming than one that is dirty or slippery. The right mat significantly reduces dirt and water ingress, cutting down on cleaning costs and reducing wear and tear on flooring.

Tailored Welcomes Floor Mats

Many businesses opt for multiple printed doormats they can rotate. This not only allows for convenient cleaning but also offers tailored messages for different occasions. For example, a hairdresser might use different mats to promote special offers on different days, while a pub could highlight live sports events or pub quizzes. Cafes might use mats to showcase lunchtime offers. These messages are visible to everyone passing by.

A Warm Welcome for Employees

A welcoming entrance isn’t just for visitors. Your employees are your most valuable asset. A well-maintained, clean entrance with a thoughtfully designed doormat can make employees feel appreciated and boost their enthusiasm as they start their day.

A Stress-Free Way to Get the Perfect Doormat

Looking for a hassle-free way to get a printed doormat that suits your needs? We understand that there’s enough stress in the world without the purchase of a doormat adding to it. We’ll help you find the mat that best suits your needs through a simple conversation.

About National Logo Mats

AtNational Logo Mats, we offer a wide range of high-quality mats and can work with your brand to create the perfect product. For further advice or a free quote, please contact us at 0735589839, email, or send an enquiry via our Contact Form.

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